Learning and Development StrategyIt is essential that your learning strategy is meeting the critical goals of your organization so that your employees develop the key skills, capabilities, and knowledge necessary to drive results. We have helped our clients achieve world class training.

Our process includes the following approach:

  • Meet with the training and project teams to develop a charter that explains the desired outcomes and the scope of work.
  • Conduct interviews with key stakeholders to determine the appropriate competency model needed for success.
  • Conduct surveys with key stakeholders and the target training audience to validate and adjust the competency model.
  • Review and map existing curriculum to the core competencies identified in the interviews and surveys.
  • Integrate findings from the prior steps into a curriculum blueprint that meets the needs of the organization and target audience. Review the blueprint with key stakeholders.
  • Finalize curriculum plan by developing and discovering appropriate training tools and resources and, as needed, rolling out the plan in partnership with key stakeholders.
This process results in these outcomes:

  • A strategy linked to core competencies and company needs and goals
  • Improved training effectiveness
  • A better return on your organization’s training investment
Past projects include the following:

  • Blueprint of international sales curriculum
  • Blueprint of international first line sales management curriculum
  • Blueprint and implementation of global sales management curriculum
  • Development of company-wide curriculum for first line managers